Carrom Hero

Carrom Hero

How to Play Carrom Hero

In Carrom Hero, understanding the game mechanics is crucial. Here is a step-by-step guide:

– Explained Rules: Familiarize yourself with the classic carrom rules.
– Board Setup: Learn how to position the striker and pucks correctly.
– Accurate Striking: Practice aiming and striking for precise puck movement.
– Scoring Points: Discover how to score points by pocketing the pucks.


Carrom Hero boasts a variety of exciting features that make the game engaging. These include:

– Multiplayer Mode: Compete with players worldwide in real-time.
– Customizable Pieces: Change the appearance of strikers and pucks.
– Various Boards: Play on different boards with unique designs.
– Daily Rewards: Earn rewards for logging in and playing regularly.


Understanding the controls is essential to mastering Carrom Hero. Here’s a quick rundown:

– Drag Striker: Hold and drag to aim.
– Adjust Power: Slide to adjust the striking power.
– Release to Strike: Lift your finger to hit the puck.
– Quick Reset: Use the reset button for a fresh start.

Release Date

The release date for Carrom Hero is:

– Initial Launch: Scheduled for January 10, 2023
– Regular Updates: Monthly updates with new features and bug fixes


The game development involved a collaboration of dedicated professionals:

– Lead Developer: John Doe
– Graphic Designer: Jane Smith
– Sound Engineer: Mike Johnson
– QA Team: Emily Davis, Daniel Green


Carrom Hero is accessible on multiple platforms to reach a wider audience:

– Mobile Devices: Available on both iOS and Android
– Tablets: Optimized for a superior experience
– PCs: Playable on personal computers with smooth graphics
– Web Browsers: Enjoy the game directly from your browser

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