Koi Fish Pond - Idle Merge Game

Koi Fish Pond – Idle Merge

How to Play

To dive into the relaxing world of Koi Fish Pond – Idle Merge Game, players must embark on a simple yet engaging journey. Initially, you start with a humble pond and a few koi fish. The primary objective is to merge identical koi fish to create higher-level fish, thus enhancing the pond’s beauty and value. Through continuous merging, players can unlock exotic koi species, upgrade pond features, and gain various in-game rewards. Additionally, by tapping on the koi fish, you can generate more coins which can be used to purchase upgrades and more fish, pushing your pond’s prosperity even further.


Koi Fish Pond – Idle Merge Game boasts a variety of features that keep players hooked. One of the standout elements is the beautifully designed koi fish which offer a visual treat as they swim gracefully in your pond. Moreover, the game includes:

  • Dozens of unique koi fish to unlock and merge
  • Multiple pond environments to explore and customize
  • In-game achievements and daily rewards to boost progress
  • Relaxing background music and ambient sound effects
  • Offline play mode for uninterrupted enjoyment


The controls in Koi Fish Pond – Idle Merge Game are incredibly intuitive, making it accessible for players of all ages. Primarily, you will use simple tap and drag gestures to merge koi fish. Dragging identical koi fish together initiates the merge, while tapping on them allows you to collect coins. Furthermore, menus and upgrades are easily navigable using touch controls or a mouse if you’re playing on a PC.

Release Date

Koi Fish Pond – Idle Merge Game was officially released on January 15, 2023. Since its launch, it has captivated a wide audience of players who enjoy idle and merge games, complemented by its tranquil aesthetic and engaging gameplay mechanics.


The game was carefully crafted by Serenity Games Studio, a developer known for creating relaxing and immersive gaming experiences. They have incorporated their signature touch of tranquil graphics and soothing soundscapes into this game, making it not only a fun idle merge game but also a serene escape.


Koi Fish Pond – Idle Merge Game is available on multiple platforms, ensuring that players can enjoy it regardless of their preferred device. You can find it on:

  • iOS (iPhone and iPad)
  • Android devices
  • PC (available on major gaming platforms)

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