Stickman Team Detroit
Stickman Team Detroit
Stickman Team Detroit

Stickman Team Detroit

How to Play Stickman Team Detroit

To begin your adventure in Stickman Team Detroit, you need to gather your team of stickman heroes. Navigate through the urban labyrinth, complete various missions, and tackle enemies using your wits and agility. Additionally, strategic thinking is essential to unlock new levels and objectives. Subsequently, mastering the game’s mechanics will enhance your journey.


This game boasts numerous features designed to keep you engaged for hours. For instance, the dynamic combat system allows for unique attack combinations. Furthermore, the game world is richly detailed, immersing you in the gritty environment of Detroit. Additionally, customizable characters and upgradeable abilities ensure that your stickman heroes evolve as you progress. In terms of multiplayer options, you can team up with friends to tackle more challenging missions together.


The controls for Stickman Team Detroit are intuitive and responsive. On a keyboard, use the W, A, S, and D keys to move your character, while the mouse is used for aiming and attacking. Meanwhile, specific keys like E for interacting with objects and R for reloading make gameplay smooth. Alternatively, if you prefer using a gamepad, the left joystick is for movement, and the right joystick controls aiming. Other buttons are mapped for jumping, shooting, and special actions.

Release Date

Stickman Team Detroit was released on March 15, 2023. From then on, it has garnered a dedicated player base who admire the game’s unique blend of strategy and action.


This thrilling game was developed by PixelArc Studios. Known for their innovative take on classic genres, PixelArc Studios has once more delivered a compelling experience that combines both excitement and depth.


Stickman Team Detroit is available on multiple platforms, ensuring that you can enjoy the game no matter your preferred device. It can be played on PC (Windows and Mac), Xbox, PlayStation, and even mobile devices. Consequently, all players can access the game comfortably.

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