Space Room Escape
Space Room Escape
Space Room Escape

Space Room Escape

How to Play Space Room Escape

  • Find hidden clues
  • Solve puzzles
  • Use collected items
  • Unlock new areas
  • Escape the room


  • Challenging puzzles
  • Engaging storyline
  • Stunning space-themed graphics
  • Interactive gameplay mechanics
  • Multiple levels with increasing difficulty


  • Mouse for point-and-click actions
  • Keyboard shortcuts for quick access
  • Inventory management with drag-and-drop

Release Date

  • First released: January 2022
  • Latest update: March 2023


  • Game developed by: Cosmic Games Studio
  • Famous for creating immersive escape room games


  • Available on PC
  • Playable on mobile devices
  • Supported on major web browsers

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