Crime Theft Gangster Paradise
Crime Theft Gangster Paradise
Crime Theft Gangster Paradise

Crime Theft Gangster Paradise

How to Play Crime Theft Gangster Paradise

In order to delve into Crime Theft Gangster Paradise, begin by creating your game account, after that, log in to access the main menu. Next, select your character and gear. To advance quickly, complete missions that involve robbing banks, stealing cars, or fighting rival gangs. Additionally, teaming up with friends can boost your gameplay, however, proceed with caution as rival gangs are always lurking.


Crime Theft Gangster Paradise stands out due to its realistic graphics, compelling storyline, and open-world environment. Furthermore, the game offers customizable characters and vehicles. Not only can you participate in solo missions, but also multiplayer modes and special events keep the excitement ongoing. Furthermore, frequent updates ensure new content and bug fixes.


Navigating the game is straightforward. Use the W, A, S, and D keys to move your character while the mouse aims and shoots. Additionally, to sprint, hold down the Shift key, and use the E key for interactions. Moreover, the spacebar is utilized for jumping, and the C key allows crouching.

Release Date

Crime Theft Gangster Paradise was officially launched on July 15, 2021. Since then, regular updates and seasonal events have kept the player community engaged.


Developed by Mobster Studios, the game benefits from their extensive expertise in crafting engaging and dynamic open-world gameplay experiences.


The game is available on multiple platforms, including PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and recently, a mobile version was introduced. Consequently, players can enjoy the thrilling experience on both console and handheld devices.

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