Moto Stunt Biker
Moto Stunt Biker
Moto Stunt Biker

Moto Stunt Biker

How to Play

Playing Moto Stunt Biker is an exhilarating experience that combines precision, speed, and a bit of daring. Upon launching the game, you are greeted with a sleek interface that guides you through the initial steps. To begin, select your rider and bike from an array of customizable options. As you start your first level, it’s crucial to understand that balance is key. Utilize the controls to maintain an even keel as you navigate through each obstacle. Timing your jumps and flips just right will not only keep you on your bike but also rack up those essential points. Don’t forget to leverage the practice mode, as it offers a safe space to hone your skills without the pressure of timed challenges.


Moto Stunt Biker is packed with a plethora of features that make it a standout in the genre. Firstly, the game boasts a variety of bikes, each with unique attributes that cater to different play styles. Moreover, the game offers multiple environments, from urban sprawls to treacherous mountain paths, ensuring that you never get bored. Additionally, the game features a robust progression system where completing levels and performing stunts earn you rewards, which you can use to unlock even more content. The daily challenges and leaderboard features foster a sense of community, as you can compete with friends and players worldwide.


Navigating through Moto Stunt Biker requires a good grasp of its intuitive control system. On most platforms, you use the arrow keys or joystick to accelerate, brake, and balance your bike. The up arrow or forward thrust on the joystick accelerates your bike, while the down arrow or backward pull applies the brakes. Balancing your bike is as simple as tilting the joystick or using the left and right arrow keys. For performing stunts, specific buttons are designated for flips, tricks, and other maneuvers. Understanding these controls and mastering them is essential, as they form the foundation upon which all your stunts and successful level completions are built.

Release Date

Moto Stunt Biker was officially released on June 15, 2022. Since its debut, the game has undergone numerous updates, each bringing new features, improvements, and exciting content to keep the player base engaged. The developers have also promised future updates, hinting at new bikes, levels, and possibly even multiplayer modes, which have fans eagerly anticipating what’s to come.


The mastermind behind Moto Stunt Biker is Pixel Riders Studio, a developer known for pushing the boundaries of action and sports games. Their dedication to high-quality graphics, realistic physics, and engaging gameplay shines through in Moto Stunt Biker. Pixel Riders Studio has a stellar reputation for listening to its community, often incorporating player feedback into their updates, making Moto Stunt Biker a game that’s ever-evolving and increasingly enjoyable.


Moto Stunt Biker is a versatile game available on multiple platforms. You can dive into the stunt-filled action on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and even on mobile devices. This wide range of platforms ensures that no matter your gaming setup, you can enjoy the thrills of Moto Stunt Biker. The game is optimized for each platform, offering smooth performance and stunning visuals whether you’re playing on a console, computer, or smartphone.

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