1 Block Puzzles

1 Block Puzzles

Play 1 Block Puzzles Game Online

You can have fun and challenge yourself when you play 1 Block Puzzles game online. The game involves solving intricate block puzzles and tests your strategic planning skills. Additionally, the game offers varied difficulty levels which are suitable for both beginners and experienced players.


When you play 1 Block Puzzles game online, you can expect a range of exciting features:

  • Engaging gameplay
  • Multiple difficulty levels
  • Stunning graphics
  • Intuitive user interface


For an optimal experience, the controls for 1 Block Puzzles are designed to be straightforward:

  • Use the mouse or touch screen to move blocks
  • Rotate blocks with a click or tap
  • Undo moves to improve your strategy

Release Date

Fans were delighted when 1 Block Puzzles was released on:

  • June 24, 2022


1 Block Puzzles was developed by the renowned:

  • Game Studio XYZ


The game can be played on various platforms, which ensures accessibility:

  • PC
  • Mobile (iOS and Android)
  • Tablets

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