1010 Elixir Alchemy

1010 Elixir Alchemy

How to Play 1010 Elixir Alchemy

In order to play 1010 Elixir Alchemy, you must first understand the objective of the game. You need to strategically place different shapes made of elixirs on a 10×10 grid, aiming to create and clear complete rows and columns. By doing so, you will earn points and make space for new shapes. Furthermore, players must be cautious, as the game ends if there is no available space for the new shape. Therefore, it’s important to always think a few steps ahead.


1010 Elixir Alchemy boasts a range of unique features. For instance, the game offers visually appealing graphics with a mystical, alchemy-themed aesthetic. Moreover, it includes a variety of challenging puzzles and infinite gameplay, ensuring that you will always have a reason to come back for more. Another noteworthy feature is its easy-to-learn, yet hard-to-master mechanics, providing an engaging experience for players of all skill levels. Additionally, you can compete with your friends by sharing your high scores, thus adding a social element to the game.


The controls for 1010 Elixir Alchemy are straightforward and user-friendly. Essentially, you only need to use your mouse or touchscreen. Simply click and drag the shapes to place them on the grid. If you’re playing on a mobile device, touch and drag the shapes instead. Therefore, the game is accessible to a wide audience, regardless of the device they are using.

Release Date

1010 Elixir Alchemy was released on August 15, 2022. Since its release, it has gained a dedicated fanbase and numerous positive reviews. Furthermore, the developers frequently update the game with new content and improvements, ensuring that the game stays fresh and engaging.


The game was developed by Spellbound Studios, a renowned developer known for creating high-quality puzzle games. Their expertise in the genre is evident in the polished gameplay and captivating design of 1010 Elixir Alchemy. Additionally, Spellbound Studios is committed to community feedback, often incorporating player suggestions into their updates.


1010 Elixir Alchemy is available on multiple platforms to cater to a broad audience. You can enjoy the game on your desktop via web browsers, as well as on iOS and Android devices. Furthermore, the cross-platform compatibility ensures that you can continue your game seamlessly, regardless of the device you are using.

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