Agame Stunt Cars

Agame Stunt Cars

How to Play Agame Stunt Cars

To enjoy this thrilling stunt car game, follow these simple steps:

– Firstly, choose your vehicle from a variety of options.
– Secondly, explore the different maps available.
– Perform stunts, jumps, and flips to earn points.
– Attempt to beat your previous scores and explore new techniques.
– Finally, use the environment to your advantage for spectacular tricks.


The game comes packed with several features:

– Diverse selection of cars
– Multiple maps with unique environments
– Realistic physics and driving mechanics
– Offline play capability
– High-quality graphics and sound effects


Here are the basic controls you need to master:

– Arrow keys for direction.
– Spacebar for handbrake.
– R key to reset your car.
– C key to change the camera view.

Release Date

The game was released on:

– 25 September 2019


It was developed by:



You can play it on:

– Web browser
– Mobile devices via web browser

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