Air Defence 3D

Air Defence 3D

How to Play Air Defence 3D

In order to conquer Air Defence 3D, follow these steps:

– First, select your aircraft.
– Subsequently, use the radar to locate enemy planes.
– Then, tap on your screen to shoot missiles.
– Maintain your aircraft’s defense by avoiding enemy fire.
– Finally, achieve high scores by successfully hitting targets.


Air Defence 3D offers an impressive set of features, including:

– Highly detailed 3D graphics.
– Realistic aircraft models.
– Intuitive controls for easy gameplay.
– Multiple challenging missions.
– Interactive radar system.
– Different difficulty levels.


Controlling your aircraft in Air Defence 3D is straightforward:

– Use the joystick on the left side to navigate.
– Tap on the fire button to shoot missiles.
– Utilize the radar for spotting enemies.
– Adjust the settings for a personalized experience.

Release Date

Air Defence 3D was officially released on:

– January 15, 2023.


The talented team behind Air Defence 3D includes:

– Developed by Sky Warriors Studio.
– Published by GameMaster Inc.
– Contributions by veteran game designers.


Play Air Defence 3D on a variety of platforms:

– Available on Android devices.
– Compatible with iOS systems.
– Playable on Windows PCs.
– Now on select gaming consoles.

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All in all, Air Defence 3D delivers captivating gameplay with its remarkable features and ease of use, appealing to a wide range of gaming enthusiasts.