Alphabet Lore Maze

Alphabet Lore Maze

How to Play Alphabet Lore Maze

To start playing this engaging game:

  • Navigate through the maze using the arrow keys.
  • Guide the character to collect alphabet letters.
  • Avoid obstacles and solve puzzles.
  • Complete levels to unlock new challenges.


Alphabet Lore Maze boasts a range of exciting features:

  • Multiple challenging levels.
  • Intuitive controls for easy navigation.
  • Colorful graphics and creative design.
  • Engaging sound effects and background music.
  • Suitable for kids and adults alike.


Playing this game is quite simple with easy-to-use controls:

  • Arrow keys for movement.
  • Spacebar for special actions.
  • Mouse for menu navigation.
  • P to pause the game.
  • M to mute/unmute the sound.

Release Date

  • The game was released on August 15, 2022.
  • Regular updates bring new levels and features.


  • Developed by FunBrain Games Studio.
  • Known for creating educational and entertaining games.


Alphabet Lore Maze is available on various platforms, making it accessible to a wide audience:

  • Windows PC.
  • Mac OS.
  • Android devices.
  • iOS devices.
  • Web browsers.

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