Angry Chibi Run

Angry Chibi Run

How to Play Angry Chibi Run

Understanding how to play this game can elevate your experience. Here are the basic steps:

– Launch the game on your preferred device
– Use intuitive touch controls to navigate
– Jump, slide, and run through various obstacles
– Collect coins and power-ups along the way
– Aim to achieve the highest score possible


This game offers a range of features, designed to keep you engaged:

– Multiple levels with increasing difficulty
– Stunning visual graphics and art style
– Exciting power-ups and special abilities
– Leaderboards to compare scores with friends
– Regularly updated content and challenges


The controls are straightforward, making it easy to pick up and play:

– Tap to jump over obstacles
– Swipe down to slide under barriers
– Swipe left or right to dodge oncoming threats
– Collect items by simply running through them

Release Date

The game first hit the digital shelves on:

– March 15, 2022


Behind this captivating game is a talented developer:

– Dream Games Studio


You can enjoy this game on various platforms:

– iOS devices (iPhone and iPad)
– Android smartphones and tablets
– Browser-based versions for PC and Mac

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