Animals Blocks

Animals Blocks

How to Play Animals Blocks

To master the game:
– Begin by aligning blocks to match animals of the same kind.
– Utilize your strategic skills to clear rows and columns.
– Advance through levels by reaching higher scores.
– Don’t forget to capitalize on special blocks for bonus points.


Enjoy a variety of engaging features:
– Colorful and vibrant graphics.
– Intuitive and friendly user interface.
– Numerous levels with escalating difficulty.
– Special power-ups to enhance gameplay.


The game’s controls are straightforward:
– Click or tap to select and move blocks.
– Drag and drop blocks into desired positions.
– Easy touch controls for mobile devices.

Release Date

The game was released on:
– May 15, 2021


This addictive puzzle game was developed by:
– FunPuzzles Studio


Play on multiple platforms:
– Available on iOS and Android devices.
– Accessible via any web browser on desktop and laptop.

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