Arsenal Online
Arsenal Online
Arsenal Online

Arsenal Online

How to Play Arsenal Online

Playing Arsenal Online is straightforward, yet it offers a competitive edge that keeps gamers returning. First and foremost, you need to:

  • Download the game from a reputable platform.
  • Create an account or log in with your existing credentials.
  • Select your game mode and customize your character.
  • Jump into the action by choosing a map and starting your match.


Arsenal Online stands out due to its unique and immersive features. Some of the key highlights include:

  • Multiple game modes such as Free-for-All, Team Deathmatch, and more.
  • A vast array of customizable weapons and skins.
  • Regular updates introducing new maps, guns, and challenges.
  • Leaderboards to track your performance against other players.


Understanding the controls is crucial to mastering Arsenal Online. The controls are intuitive, yet professional gamers can further customize their settings:

  • W, A, S, D keys for movement.
  • Left mouse button for shooting.
  • Right mouse button for aiming down sights.
  • R key for reloading your weapon.

Release Date

Arsenal Online initially launched on:

  • August 18, 2018.

Since then, it has gained a vast following.


Developed by:

  • Rolve Community Productions

This game has achieved notable success under their expertise.


Arsenal Online can be played on various platforms to ensure accessibility. These platforms include:

  • PC (Windows and Mac)
  • Roblox (cross-platform)
  • Mobile (Android and iOS)

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