Assassin Ninja Rush

Assassin Ninja Rush

How to Play

To engage with Assassin Ninja Rush effectively, follow these steps:

– First, select and customize your ninja character.
– Next, familiarize yourself with the mission objectives.
– Then, utilize stealth and agility to overcome obstacles.
– Afterward, use various weapons and skills to defeat enemies.
– Finally, complete each level to progress further in the game.


Unique features of this game include:

– Stunning graphics and immersive gameplay
– A variety of challenging levels
– Diverse range of enemies and obstacles
– Customizable ninja characters
– Multiple weapons and skills to master
– Leaderboards to track and compare your progress


The controls are quite intuitive:

– Use the arrow keys for movement.
– Press the spacebar to jump.
– Employ the mouse or specific keys for attacks and using weapons.
– Navigate menus with the arrow keys and enter key.

Release Date

– Initially launched in early 2023.


– Developed by a renowned game development studio (name may vary).


You can play on various platforms:

– PC via web browsers
– Mobile devices on iOS and Android

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