Auto Rickshaw Simulator

Auto Rickshaw Simulator

How to Play Auto Rickshaw Simulator

First and foremost, the gameplay involves navigating through bustling city streets with an auto rickshaw. To clarify, here are the steps to get you started:

– Download and install the game from your preferred platform
– Launch the game and select the ‘Start’ option
– Choose your preferred rickshaw model
– Follow on-screen instructions to begin your journey
– Complete various missions and earn rewards


Surprisingly, the game offers several outstanding features that enhance the gaming experience. These include:

– Realistic city environments
– Multiple rickshaw models to choose from
– Dynamic weather conditions
– Day and night cycles
– Challenging missions and objectives
– Customization options for your rickshaw


In order to provide an immersive experience, the game uses intuitive controls. Specifically:

– Arrow keys to steer
– Spacebar for the handbrake
– Shift key to boost speed
– ‘P’ for the pause menu
– ‘M’ for the map

Release Date

Interestingly, the game was officially released on:

– March 1, 2023


Moreover, the game was developed by:

– Game Studio XYZ


Regarding availability, you can play this game on multiple platforms including:

– Android
– iOS
– Windows PC

More Games Like Auto Rickshaw Simulator

Although Auto Rickshaw Simulator is unique, there are other games that offer a similar thrilling experience. Some of these are:

– Tuk Tuk Mania
– City Rickshaw Driver
– Rickshaw Legends
– Urban Rickshaw Adventures
– Rickshaw Racer Pro

In conclusion, there are several engaging options available if you’re looking for more games like Auto Rickshaw Simulator.