Battalion Commander 1917

Battalion Commander 1917

Play Battalion Commander 1917 Game Online

To play Battalion Commander 1917 game online, simply access a compatible gaming platform. The game blends strategy and action elements, allowing players to control a squad of soldiers in a World War I setting. Moreover, it offers a challenging gameplay experience that keeps players engaged.


In terms of features, Battalion Commander 1917 provides an array of exciting elements:

  • Varied Missions: Engage in different objectives that test your strategic abilities.
  • Upgrade System: Improve your squad’s skills and gear over time.
  • Intense Battles: Experience the thrill of large-scale WWI combat situations.


Understanding the controls is crucial for an optimal gameplay experience. The game utilizes easy-to-learn controls to ensure players can quickly adapt:

  • Movement: Use your keyboard’s arrow keys or WASD to navigate.
  • Attacking: Click the mouse to attack enemies.
  • Special Abilities: Employ specific keys for unique actions.

Release Date

The release date of Battalion Commander 1917 was awaited eagerly by fans. It launched to critical acclaim in early 2023, adding a noteworthy title to the tactical strategy genre.


The game was developed by IriySoft, a well-known developer renowned for creating high-quality online games. Their expertise ensured that Battalion Commander 1917 became a hit among gamers.


Battalion Commander 1917 is available on multiple platforms, offering flexibility for players:

  • PC: Enjoy the game on desktop or laptop computers.
  • Mobile: Play it on both Android and iOS devices.
  • Browser: Access it directly via online gaming websites.

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