Block Blast

Block Blast

Play Block Blast Online

Enjoy a captivating experience when you play Block Blast online, a game full of excitement and challenges. Engage in strategic gameplay and aim for the highest score by clearing as many blocks as possible.


  • Engaging gameplay with a variety of challenges
  • Colorful graphics and smooth animations
  • Multiple levels to keep you entertained
  • Power-ups and bonuses to enhance your game


Utilize these simple controls to master your gameplay:

  • Arrow keys: Move blocks
  • Spacebar: Rotate blocks
  • Mouse: Drag and drop blocks

Release Date

Block Blast was officially released on January 15, 2021, offering players a fresh and addictive gaming experience.


This captivating game was developed by Skyward Games, a studio known for creating engaging and user-friendly online games.


Enjoy playing Block Blast on various platforms:

  • PC (Windows and Mac)
  • Mobile devices (iOS and Android)
  • Web browsers

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