BlockPuzzle : Color Blast
BlockPuzzle : Color Blast
BlockPuzzle : Color Blast

BlockPuzzle : Color Blast

How to Play

Playing BlockPuzzle: Color Blast is captivating and straightforward. Firstly, you will see different blocks of varying colors. You need to drag and place these blocks onto a grid. In addition to this, the objective is to create rows or columns that result in filled lines which subsequently disappear to earn points. Moreover, it’s crucial to think ahead and plan your moves to avoid filling up the grid too quickly. Consequently, the game becomes increasingly challenging and addictive.


BlockPuzzle: Color Blast comes with numerous exciting features. Notably, the game includes vivid and colorful graphics that keep players hooked. Furthermore, the intuitive design allows players of all ages to enjoy the game effortlessly. Additionally, the game offers various levels of difficulty, ensuring a continuous test of your problem-solving skills. Along with regular updates, new puzzles and themes are introduced, making the gaming experience fresh and engaging. Importantly, the game can be played offline, assuring uninterrupted entertainment.


Understanding the controls of BlockPuzzle: Color Blast is simple. Primarily, you use your mouse or touchscreen to drag and drop the colorful blocks onto the grid. Additionally, the intuitive controls allow for seamless gameplay. Thereby, you are empowered to focus solely on strategizing your moves and enjoying the puzzle-solving process without any distractions.

Release Date

BlockPuzzle: Color Blast was released on March 15, 2023. Since then, it has garnered a large number of enthusiastic players. The game continues to attract new players due to its engaging gameplay and regular updates.


The game was developed by Pixel Fun Games Studio. This studio is known for creating engaging and user-friendly puzzle games. Furthermore, Pixel Fun Games Studio has a reputation for providing excellent customer support and continuously improving their games based on player feedback.


BlockPuzzle: Color Blast is available on multiple platforms. Firstly, you can play it on your web browser, making it easily accessible from any device. Additionally, it is available for both Android and iOS, allowing you to enjoy the game on the go. Moreover, the game is optimized to ensure smooth performance across all devices.

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