Bus Driver

Bus Driver

How to Play Bus Driver

Before you start playing Bus Driver, it is essential to understand the primary objectives and rules of the game. Firstly, players must pick up passengers at designated bus stops. Subsequently, you will need to drop them off at their desired locations within the city. Because you are tasked with sticking to a strict timetable, maintaining punctuality is crucial. Moreover, players are urged to follow all traffic regulations to avoid penalties. By adhering to these guidelines, you can ensure a smooth and efficient service.


Bus Driver boasts a variety of exciting features. To begin with, the game includes multiple bus types, offering different driving experiences. Furthermore, you will encounter various routes and cityscapes, making each ride a unique experience. Additionally, a realistic traffic system adds to the challenge, requiring players to navigate through busy streets and intersections. On top of that, the game features a scoring system which rewards points for efficiency and punctuality. Lastly, players can enjoy high-quality graphics and sound effects, which further enhance the immersive experience.


Understanding the game controls is indispensable for a smooth gameplay experience. Typically, the arrow keys or WASD keys are used for steering the bus. In addition to this, the spacebar often functions as the brake. Furthermore, some games may allow the use of a mouse or gamepad as alternative controls. It is also worth noting that different buses may have slightly varied control schemes. Therefore, players should take time to familiarize themselves with the controls before diving into the game.

Release Date

Bus Driver was initially released on March 8, 2007. Since its launch, it has undergone various updates to improve gameplay and incorporate new features. As a result, it continues to be popular among fans of simulation games.


The game was developed by SCS Software, a reputable company recognized for creating high-quality simulation games. Because of their expertise, players can expect a well-developed, engaging gaming experience.


Bus Driver is available on multiple platforms. Primarily, you can play it on PC, but it is also available for Mac. As a result, a wide range of players can enjoy the game. To enhance accessibility, the game is often featured on various digital distribution platforms.

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