Cage Busters: Slingshot Heroes

Cage Busters: Slingshot Heroes

How to Play Cage Busters: Slingshot Heroes

  • First, select your hero from a diverse roster of characters.
  • Next, use the slingshot mechanism to launch your hero across various obstacles.
  • Aim carefully to break open cages and free the trapped animals.
  • Moreover, collect power-ups and bonuses scattered throughout each level.


  • Vibrant, colorful graphics that enhance the gameplay experience.
  • A variety of challenging levels with unique obstacles and rewards.
  • Different heroes, each with special abilities, to master and use strategically.
  • Additionally, regular updates that introduce new levels and challenges.


  • Use the mouse to drag and aim the slingshot.
  • Left-click to release and launch the hero.
  • Furthermore, keyboard shortcuts are available for quick access to different actions.

Release Date

  • Cage Busters: Slingshot Heroes was officially released on January 15, 2022.


  • Developed by Stellar Game Studios, known for their engaging action and strategy games.


  • Available on multiple platforms including PC, Mac, and popular web browsers.

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