City Driver: Destroy Car

City Driver: Destroy Car

How to Play City Driver: Destroy Car

First and foremost, it’s vital to understand how to play the game. This action-packed driving game allows players to cause chaos in a virtual city. Additionally, the objective is to destroy as many vehicles as possible while navigating through an urban landscape. Here are the basic steps:

– Select your car
– Navigate through the city
– Smash into other cars
– Avoid obstacles and police
– Earn points for every car you destroy


City Driver: Destroy Car boasts several exciting features that elevate the gaming experience. Not only does it offer adrenaline-pumping gameplay, but it also includes various elements that keep players engaged. Some key features include:

– Multiple car options
– Dynamic city environment
– Realistic crash physics
– High-quality graphics
– Competitive leaderboards


To enhance gameplay, the controls have been designed to be intuitive and user-friendly. Therefore, mastering the controls can significantly improve your performance. Here are the essential controls:

– Arrow keys for movement
– Spacebar for handbrake
– Shift for nitro boost
– R to reset car position
– P to pause the game

Release Date

City Driver: Destroy Car was made available to the public at the end of 2022. Despite being relatively new, it has quickly garnered a loyal following due to its thrilling gameplay.


This exhilarating game was developed by Urban Chaos Studios. Subsequently, the developers have received widespread acclaim for their innovative approach and engaging game design.


City Driver: Destroy Car is accessible on multiple platforms, which ensures a wide reach among gaming enthusiasts. Available platforms include:

– PC
– Mac
– Xbox
– PlayStation
– Mobile devices

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