Clash Rider - Clicker Tycoon
Clash Rider – Clicker Tycoon
Clash Rider - Clicker Tycoon

Clash Rider – Clicker Tycoon

How to Play Clash Rider – Clicker Tycoon

  • Start by tapping on the screen to earn coins.
  • Use these coins to upgrade your vehicles and increase your earnings.
  • Unlock new vehicles as you progress, enhancing your fleet.
  • Participate in special events to gain extra rewards.

Between missions, strategies need to be devised to manage resources effectively.


  • Multiple vehicles to unlock and upgrade.
  • Various in-game events for additional rewards.
  • Stunning graphics and engaging sound effects.
  • Offline earnings to help you progress even when not playing.

Moreover, the game offers a user-friendly interface making it accessible for all ages.


  • Tap to earn coins.
  • Swipe to navigate through different menus.
  • Click on vehicles for upgrades and enhancements.

The controls are designed to be intuitive, ensuring a smooth gaming experience.

Release Date

  • Clash Rider – Clicker Tycoon was released in March 2022, enabling players worldwide to join the fun.


  • The game was developed by PixelStar Games, a team known for their creative and engaging titles.


  • This exciting game is available on both Android and iOS platforms, allowing users to play it on their preferred device.

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For those who enjoy this genre, there are numerous other games offering similar enjoyable experiences.

In summary, this title offers an engaging mix of strategy and simple mechanics ensuring a fun and addictive experience.