Classic Mine Sweeper
Classic Mine Sweeper
Classic Mine Sweeper

Classic Mine Sweeper

How to Play Classic Mine Sweeper

Classic Mine Sweeper, an intriguing puzzle game, requires both strategy and logic. To start, you’ll find a grid filled with hidden mines, and your task is to clear all non-mine tiles. Initially, you can choose grid sizes like Beginner, Intermediate, or Expert.

Upon clicking a tile, you might either reveal a number or a mine. Numbers indicate how many mines touch that tile, providing clues. Use flags to mark potential mines, then proceed by carefully evaluating numbers and guessing when necessary.


Classic Mine Sweeper offers timeless features that captivate users. Firstly, its minimalistic and straightforward design makes it accessible to players of all ages. Secondly, customizable difficulty levels allow you to select grid sizes tailored to your expertise. Additionally, it includes a timer, which encourages speedy puzzle-solving, thus enhancing your skills over time.

Moreover, you can track your high scores, motivating you to improve with each playthrough. For those who relish competition, Mine Sweeper offers a global leaderboard to showcase top players.


The controls of Classic Mine Sweeper can be learned swiftly. To begin, use the left mouse button to click on tiles, revealing either a number or a mine. If you suspect a mine, right-click to place a flag. You can unflag a tile by right-clicking it again. Additionally, keyboard shortcuts can streamline your experience. For example, pressing ‘Ctrl + left-click’ uncovers surrounding tiles if the number of flags matches adjacent mines.

Release Date

Classic Mine Sweeper originally debuted in 1990, making it a cherished game for over three decades. Microsoft’s inclusion of Mine Sweeper in its Windows operating system introduced the game to millions, cementing its place in computer gaming history.


Classic Mine Sweeper was developed by Curt Johnson, originally for Microsoft. Johnson’s innovative creation quickly gained widespread popularity due to its engaging and challenging gameplay.


Classic Mine Sweeper has transcended countless platforms. Initially available on Microsoft Windows, it has since found its way to macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS. Due to its lightweight nature, you can also enjoy online versions directly through your web browser.

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