Clean The Ocean

Clean The Ocean

How to Play

To get started with this game, follow these steps:

– Begin by selecting your character.
– Follow the tutorial to understand the gameplay mechanics.
– Navigate through different levels and clean up the ocean by collecting trash.
– Watch out for obstacles and marine creatures that may hinder your progress.
– Accumulate points and unlock new tools to make the task easier.


This game offers a variety of features for an engaging experience:

– Stunning graphics depicting underwater scenes
– Interactive levels with increasing difficulty
– Educational content about ocean conservation
– Rewards and achievements to unlock
– Multiplayer mode to clean up the ocean with friends


Understanding the controls will help you play more effectively:

– Use the arrow keys to move your character.
– Press the space bar to collect trash.
– Utilize special tools with the designated keys (e.g., R for recycling tool).

Release Date

Regarding its availability:

– The game was released on June 15, 2021.


Details about the creators:

– Developed by EcoInteractive Games.
– Known for educational and environmental-focused games.


You can enjoy this game on various devices:

– Available on PC through web browsers.
– Downloadable app for both Android and iOS devices.

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