Color Bump Dancer
Color Bump Dancer
Color Bump Dancer

Color Bump Dancer

How to Play Color Bump Dancer

In this game, players must navigate through a series of challenging obstacles. Use a finger or mouse to guide the ball, ensuring it only makes contact with objects that match its color. This will allow the ball to progress through the levels.

  • Swipe the screen to control the ball
  • Avoid different-colored objects
  • Reach the end of each level to advance


This online game offers several notable features, making it a fun and engaging experience. Here are a few key attributes:

  • Smooth and intuitive controls
  • Vibrant and dynamic graphics
  • Multiple levels with increasing difficulty
  • Exciting and immersive gameplay


The simplicity of the controls is one of its standout aspects. Players can easily master them within minutes:

  • Use your mouse or finger to swipe
  • Drag to move the ball in the desired direction
  • Keep the ball away from different colors to avoid losing

Release Date

The game was released in the following period:

  • Initial launch: January 2019


The team behind this game is:

  • Developed by Good Job Games


It’s available on a variety of platforms to make it widely accessible:

  • iOS devices
  • Android devices

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