Color Sort Mania

Color Sort Mania

How to Play Color Sort Mania Online

To start playing, simply click the Play Now button. The objective is to sort colors in a logical sequence to progress through levels. Moreover, the game encourages strategic thinking and provides a fun and engaging experience.

Key Steps

  • Click the Play Now button.
  • Observe the initial color arrangement.
  • Drag and drop colors into the correct sequence.
  • Complete each level to unlock the next one.


The game boasts a variety of features that make it both challenging and enjoyable. Additionally, these features enhance replayability and provide a satisfying user experience.

Main Features

  • Intuitive Drag and Drop Controls
  • Numerous Levels to Challenge Your Skills
  • Engaging UI/UX Design
  • Progressive Difficulty Levels


The game is designed with user-friendly controls that are easy to master. Furthermore, the intuitive controls ensure that players of all ages can enjoy the game without any issues.

Basic Controls

  • Use Mouse or Touch to Drag and Drop Colors
  • Click to Select and Move Objects

Release Date

The game was officially released to the public on October 5, 2022. Since its release, it has gained a sizable and dedicated player base.


The game was developed by Color Games Studio, a well-known developer in the casual gaming industry. They are renowned for creating engaging and intuitive games for a wide audience.


The game is available on multiple platforms, allowing players to access and enjoy it from various devices. Moreover, the cross-platform availability ensures a seamless gaming experience.

Supported Platforms

  • Web Browsers
  • iOS Devices
  • Android Devices

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