Connect Image

Connect Image

How to Play

Playing Connect Image involves simple yet engaging gameplay mechanics. To begin, players must connect matching images by drawing lines between them. However, the paths you create cannot intersect with one another, adding an extra layer of challenge. Transitioning from one level to the next will gradually increase the difficulty, ensuring that the game remains captivating.


Firstly, Connect Image offers a variety of levels that cater to all skill levels. Secondly, vibrant graphics make the gameplay even more enjoyable. Moreover, the game includes power-ups that assist players when they are stuck. Additionally, the soothing background music creates a relaxing atmosphere. Notably, the game also offers daily challenges that keep players coming back for more.


The controls are incredibly straightforward, ensuring an easy learning curve for newcomers. On mobile platforms, players simply tap and drag their fingers to connect the images. On PC, the mouse serves the same purpose, making it intuitive across all devices. Furthermore, there are undo and hint buttons accessible at any time, aiding players when necessary.

Release Date

Connect Image was released on September 15, 2022. From the beginning, it attracted a considerable number of players due to its engaging mechanics and visually appealing interface. Over time, the game has received several updates, further enhancing the player experience.


Developed by PixelCraft Studios, Connect Image showcases the company’s commitment to crafting high-quality casual games. The developer has a proven track record of producing entertaining and visually stunning games, as evidenced by their portfolio.


Connect Image is available on various platforms to ensure maximum accessibility. Players can enjoy the game on iOS and Android devices. Additionally, it is also available on Windows and macOS, with a browser-based version accessible through major web browsers. This multi-platform availability allows users to play whenever and wherever they desire.

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