Cooking Live - Be a Chef & Cook

Cooking Live – Be a Chef

How to Play Cooking Live – Be a Chef & Cook

  • Download and install the game on your device.
  • Launch the game and start your culinary adventure.
  • Follow the tutorials to understand the basics.
  • Complete levels by cooking dishes and serving customers.
  • Earn rewards and upgrade your kitchen appliances.


  • Diverse levels and unique recipes to master.
  • Challenging time-management gameplay.
  • Interactive tutorials and tips for beginners.
  • Upgradable kitchen equipment for better performance.
  • Appealing graphics and engaging sound effects.


  • Tap and swipe to prepare ingredients.
  • Drag items to serve the customers.
  • Use on-screen buttons for kitchen upgrades.
  • Customizable controls through the settings menu.

Release Date

  • Released in 2022, offering constant updates and new features since launch.


  • Developed by Matryoshka Games, known for engaging mobile games.


  • Available on iOS and Android platforms.

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