Cosmic Tetriz Puzzles

Cosmic Tetriz Puzzles

How to Play Cosmic Tetriz Puzzles

  • First, launch the game to enter a cosmic-themed arena.
  • Meanwhile, use arrow keys to move and rotate falling tetrominoes.
  • Next, align the shapes to form complete rows, which will then disappear.
  • Gradually, aim for high scores by clearing multiple rows simultaneously.


  • To begin with, enjoy an immersive cosmic setting.
  • Additionally, experience different difficulty levels.
  • Moreover, take advantage of various power-ups.
  • Furthermore, compete on global leaderboards.
  • On the other hand, customize controls to suit your play style.


  • Use left/right arrow keys to move tetrominoes horizontally.
  • Press the down arrow key to speed up the descent.
  • Utilize the up arrow key or space bar to rotate pieces.
  • Hit the P key to pause the game.

Release Date

  • Now available since March 2023.


  • Developed by Stellar Games Studio.


  • Playable on PC.
  • Available for Mobile (iOS and Android).
  • Accessible through web browsers.

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