Cowboy vs Skibidi Toilets
Cowboy vs Skibidi Toilets
Cowboy vs Skibidi Toilets

Cowboy vs Skibidi Toilets

How to Play Cowboy vs Skibidi Toilets

To play, follow these steps:

  • Choose your cowboy character.
  • Navigate through levels and shoot at Skibidi Toilets.
  • Avoid getting too close to enemy toilets.
  • Collect power-ups for extra points or abilities.

Simple controls make it accessible to all players, enhancing the fun and challenging gameplay.


The game offers a variety of features:

  • Engaging and humorous gameplay.
  • Unique cowboy characters to select from.
  • Diverse levels with increasing difficulty.
  • Power-ups and bonuses to enhance your score.
  • Vibrant and colorful graphics.


The controls are intuitive:

  • Arrow keys for movement.
  • Spacebar to shoot.
  • Special buttons for power-ups (when collected).

These simple and responsive controls ensure you stay in action throughout the game.

Release Date

The game was officially released in:

  • March 2023.

Ensuring a fresh and contemporary experience for all players.


This entertaining game was developed by:

  • Pixel Cowboys.

Known for their creativity and engaging game mechanics.


Available on multiple platforms:

  • PC.
  • Mobile devices.
  • Web browsers.

Making it easily accessible to a wide audience.

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