Crazy Zoo Swipe - Match 3 Puzzle Game

Crazy Zoo Swipe – Match 3

How to Play Crazy Zoo Swipe – Match 3 Puzzle Game

  • First, select a level to start your adventure.
  • Subsequently, swipe the animal tiles to match three or more in a row.
  • Moreover, combinations of four or more tiles create special animals with unique abilities.
  • Aim to complete the level-specific objectives within the given moves.
  • Additionally, utilize power-ups strategically to overcome challenging stages.


  • Engaging and colorful graphics that captivate your attention.
  • Multiple levels with escalating difficulty to keep you hooked.
  • Diverse power-ups and boosters to enhance gameplay.
  • Exciting animal characters, each with distinctive traits.
  • Progress tracking to monitor your achievements and scores.


  • Use the mouse or touch to swipe the tiles.
  • Drag to align three or more identical animal tiles.
  • Click to select power-ups and boosters when needed.

Release Date

  • Initially released in 2021, with frequent updates enhancing content and features.


  • Created by Pixel Fun Studio, a renowned developer known for innovative puzzle games.


  • Available on major platforms like iOS, Android, and web browsers for accessibility.

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