Crowd Battle Gun Rush
Crowd Battle Gun Rush
Crowd Battle Gun Rush

Crowd Battle Gun Rush

How to Play Crowd Battle Gun Rush

  • Start by selecting your in-game avatar.
  • Gather your team by recruiting members as you move forward.
  • Navigate through various obstacles and avoid enemy attacks.
  • Engage in battles to conquer opposing teams.
  • Make strategic decisions to ensure victory.


  • Dynamic and engaging gameplay.
  • Variety of avatars and weapons to choose from.
  • Multiple levels with increasing difficulty.
  • Real-time multiplayer battles.
  • Interactive and colorful graphics.


  • Mouse/Touch: Navigate and select options.
  • Keyboard: Use arrow keys or WASD for movement.
  • Spacebar: Jump over obstacles.
  • Left-click: To attack or shoot.

Release Date

  • The game was released in October 2023.


  • Developed by an indie game studio known for creating engaging multiplayer games.


  • Available on web browsers.
  • Playable on mobile devices through a compatible browser.

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