Cyber Surfer Skateboard

Cyber Surfer Skateboard

How to Play Cyber Surfer Skateboard

Playing Cyber Surfer Skateboard is intuitive and engaging. Follow these steps to start:

– First, choose your character and skateboard.
– Then, navigate through the futuristic cityscape by swiping left or right.
– Also, avoid obstacles and collect power-ups.
– Earn points by performing tricks and stunts while surfing through the cyber streets.


Cyber Surfer Skateboard offers a plethora of features:

– Stunning cyberpunk graphics.
– Diverse range of characters and skateboards.
– Multiple levels with increasing difficulty.
– Exciting power-ups and boosters.
– Competitive leaderboards.


The game provides simple yet responsive controls:

– Swipe left or right to steer your skateboard.
– Tap to jump over obstacles.
– Swipe up or down to perform tricks.

Release Date

The game made its debut in the following timeline:

– Official release: March 2022.


This exciting game was developed by:

– Ace Game Studio, known for their innovative game designs and immersive experiences.


You can enjoy the thrilling experience of the game on:

– Mobile (iOS and Android).
– Web browsers.

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