Cyberpunk Surgery Master

Cyberpunk Surgery Master

How to Play Cyberpunk Surgery Master

– First, choose your patient carefully
– Then, select the appropriate surgical tools from a diverse array of options
– Utilize your skills to perform intricate cybernetic enhancements
– Follow on-screen prompts to ensure each surgery is completed with precision
– Finally, achieve a high score by successfully treating your patients


– Detailed and immersive cyberpunk-themed graphics
– A wide range of surgical tools and implants
– Challenging levels that test your surgical prowess
– Seamless user interface for easy navigation
– Engaging storyline that keeps you hooked


– Use your mouse to select tools and navigate
– Follow prompts and instructions to apply surgical techniques
– Precision control for detailed and accurate surgeries

Release Date

– Officially released on January 15, 2023


– Developed by NeonPixel Games


– Available on PC and Mac
– HTML5 version also ensures compatibility with most modern web browsers

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