Dr. Psycho - Hospital Escape

Dr. Psycho – Hospital Escape

Play Dr. Psycho – Hospital Escape Game Online

In this thrilling online game, players must navigate through a creepy hospital setting, solve puzzles, and outsmart a mysterious adversary. Moreover, the game offers a blend of horror and strategy, keeping you on your toes from start to finish. In addition, the atmosphere is suspenseful, ensuring every moment is filled with tension.


  • Challenging Puzzles
  • Immersive Horror Elements
  • Engaging Storyline
  • High-Quality Graphics
  • Intuitive Controls


The controls are straightforward, enhancing the ease of gameplay. Players use a combination of the keyboard and mouse to move, interact with objects, and solve puzzles. Additionally, on-screen prompts guide you through more complex actions, ensuring a seamless experience.

  • WASD for Movement
  • Mouse for Interactions
  • Shift to Run
  • Spacebar for Special Actions

Release Date

Dr. Psycho – Hospital Escape was released on October 15, 2022, allowing horror game enthusiasts a perfect opportunity to dive into a spine-chilling adventure. Since its release, it has garnered a dedicated fanbase owing to its engaging mechanics and captivating storyline.


The game was developed by Phantom Studios, known for their expertise in creating immersive horror experiences. Their attention to detail and commitment to quality are evident in every aspect of this thrilling game.


Dr. Psycho – Hospital Escape can be played on multiple platforms, making it accessible to a wider audience. Whether you prefer gaming on a desktop or a mobile device, you can enjoy this engaging experience.

  • PC
  • Mac
  • iOS
  • Android

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