Dragon Year Jigsaw

Dragon Year Jigsaw

How to Play

To get started, follow these simple steps:

– Choose the difficulty level: easy, medium, or hard.
– Drag and drop pieces to their correct places.
– Use hints if you get stuck.
– Complete the puzzle within the time limit, if there is one.


Enjoy the following features:

– Beautiful dragon-themed images.
– Different levels of difficulty to choose from.
– Timer to challenge your puzzle-solving speed.
– User-friendly interface.
– Hint system to help you when needed.


You’ll find the controls to be straightforward:

– Click and drag pieces using your mouse.
– Double-click for hints.
– Use the menu buttons for options like shuffle and settings.

Release Date

Note the release information:

– Initial release date: January 20, 2023.


Learn about the creator:

– Developed by Puzzle Masters Inc.


Accessible on various platforms:

– Available on web browsers.
– Compatible with mobile devices like iOS and Android.
– Playable on tablets and desktop computers.

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For a delightful puzzle experience, immerse yourself in the enchanting world of jigsaw puzzles.