Dream Room Makeover

Dream Room Makeover

How to Play

To play Dream Room Makeover, players need to select a room and begin by choosing various design elements such as wallpapers, furniture, and décor items. Transitioning from one step to another, users can drag and drop items into place, use different tools to paint or change textures, and ensure that each element aligns perfectly. Moreover, being creative and experimental can lead to truly unique and personalized environments.


Firstly, Dream Room Makeover offers an extensive catalog of items to choose from. Additionally, there are numerous stylistic themes available ranging from minimalistic to extravagant. Furthermore, users can benefit from regular updates which bring new design pieces and themes to the table. Coupled with realistic graphics, the game promotes an immersive experience, making players feel genuinely invested in their virtual spaces. Not to mention, the game includes social features that enable players to share their room designs and seek inspiration from others.


Navigating Dream Room Makeover is intuitive and user-friendly, regardless of whether you’re using a mouse or touchscreen. Players can click or tap to select items, drag and drop them into place with ease, and utilize pinch gestures to zoom in and out. Moreover, the interface includes handy buttons for undoing actions and saving progress, ensuring that even complex designs remain manageable and fun.

Release Date

Dream Room Makeover was released on March 15, 2023. Since its launch, countless players have been decorating and personalizing their dream rooms, thanks to the game’s compelling features and interactive gameplay.


Dream Room Makeover was developed by Home Décor Games, a studio renowned for its focus on high-quality, interactive design experiences. Furthermore, the developer makes it a priority to listen to community feedback in order to continually improve the game.


The game is available across a variety of platforms. You can enjoy Dream Room Makeover on PC, through web browsers, as well as on mobile devices via both Android and iOS apps. This cross-platform availability ensures that players can dive into their design projects from virtually anywhere.

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