Dungeon Chess

Dungeon Chess

How to Play Dungeon Chess

In the game, players need to strategize their moves while combining the classic elements of chess with an adventurous twist. Here’s how you can start:

– Begin by selecting your character and chess pieces.
– Plan your moves carefully, considering both offensive and defensive strategies.
– Capture the opponent’s pieces to gain an upper hand.
– Aim to checkmate the opponent’s king to secure victory.


Dungeon Chess offers an array of engaging features that enhance the gaming experience. For instance, some notable attributes include:

– A fantastical dungeon-themed chessboard
– Unique character designs for each chess piece
– Dynamic sound effects and immersive music
– Multiplayer mode for challenging friends
– Various difficulty levels for all skill sets


The controls in the game are straightforward, ensuring easy navigation for players:

– Use the mouse to select and move chess pieces.
– Right-click to view possible moves.
– Keyboard shortcuts for quick game actions.
– Touchscreen controls for mobile devices.

Release Date

The game was released on:

– January 15, 2022


The developer responsible for creating this intriguing chess adventure is:

– Arcadian Games Studio


Players can enjoy the game on a variety of platforms:

– PC and Mac
– iOS and Android devices
– Web browsers

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