E30 Drift Simulator
E30 Drift Simulator
E30 Drift Simulator

E30 Drift Simulator

How to Play E30 Drift Simulator

Initially, it is essential to familiarize yourself with the game’s mechanics. To start playing E30 Drift Simulator, follow these basic steps:

  • Create an account or log in if you already have one
  • Select your preferred car model
  • Customize your vehicle’s appearance and performance
  • Choose a track to start drifting
  • Use the controls to navigate and drift through the course


In addition, the game offers several features that enhance the overall experience:

  • Realistic car physics
  • Diverse selection of customizable cars
  • Multiple challenging tracks
  • High-definition graphics
  • Competitive leaderboards


Indeed, mastering the controls is crucial for an enjoyable experience. The basic controls for E30 Drift Simulator include:

  • Arrow keys or WASD for movement
  • Spacebar for handbrake
  • Shift for turbo boost
  • R for reset car position
  • C for changing camera angles

Release Date

Moreover, knowing the release date provides insight into the game’s development. E30 Drift Simulator was released on August 15, 2022.


Furthermore, the game was developed by XYZ Studios, a company known for creating immersive simulation games.


Consequently, E30 Drift Simulator is accessible on various platforms, including:

  • PC (Windows and macOS)
  • PlayStation
  • Xbox
  • Mobile devices (iOS and Android)

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