Egg Dash

Egg Dash

How to Play Egg Dash

– To start playing Egg Dash, first, open the game on your chosen platform.

– Next, use the arrow keys to navigate your character.

– Additionally, collect as many eggs as possible before the time runs out.

– Furthermore, avoid obstacles to keep from losing points.

– In the end, aim for the highest score to unlock rewards.


– Eye-catching graphics that enhance the gameplay experience.

– Multiple levels with increasing difficulty.

– Diverse range of power-ups to make the game more exciting.

– Competitive leaderboards to track your progress.

– Regular updates providing new content.


– Arrow keys: Move your character.

– Spacebar: Activate special abilities.

– Esc key: Pause the game.

Release Date

– Launched on January 15, 2022.


– Crafted by the innovative team at FunTime Games.


– Available on:

– PC

– Mac

– iOS

– Android

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