Egg Hunt Mania

Egg Hunt Mania

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Playing Egg Hunt Mania Online offers endless excitement. You can easily dive into the fun by simply loading the game on your preferred device. As you play, you’ll find yourself riveted by its fast-paced action. Additionally, the game immerses you in an egg-filled world where every click brings a new challenge. You can invite friends to compete and see who can collect the most eggs. Furthermore, the game continually updates, providing fresh challenges and rewards.


Egg Hunt Mania stands out due to its unique features. Here are some highlights:

  • Colorful and engaging graphics that captivate the players
  • Intuitive gameplay that suits all age groups
  • Multiple levels with increasing difficulty, keeping you hooked
  • Daily and weekly challenges, enhancing replay value
  • Leaderboards to show off your egg-collecting skills


Controlling the game is simple and user-friendly. To help you get started:

  • Use your mouse or touch screen to interact with the game elements
  • Drag and drop items to collect eggs
  • Special power-ups can be activated with a single click
  • Pause and resume options for more convenience

Release Date

The release date of Egg Hunt Mania has made gaming history more colorful. It debuted on March 25, 2022. Since its launch, the game has garnered a steady following, owing to its engaging nature and regular updates.


Renowned developer Bright Studios is behind Egg Hunt Mania. The company has a stellar reputation for producing top-tier casual games. Bright Studios has yet again proven their expertise with this game, incorporating user feedback to make continuous improvements.


Egg Hunt Mania is available across multiple platforms, making it accessible to a broad audience. You can enjoy the game on:

  • Android devices via the Google Play Store
  • iOS devices through the App Store
  • Web browsers for instant play without any download

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