Fish Stab Getting Big

Fish Stab Getting Big

How to Play Fish Stab Getting Big

– Firstly, launch the game to start your undersea adventure.
– Use your mouse or finger to control your fish and navigate through the waters.
– Secure higher scores by stabbing other fish while avoiding predators.
– So, collect power-ups that will make your fish bigger and stronger.
– Furthermore, keep an eye out for special items that can boost your abilities.


– Stunning underwater graphics that create an immersive experience.
– Exciting gameplay mechanics designed to keep you engaged.
– Regular updates with new features and events.
– Customizable fish characters for a personal touch.
– Multiple levels of difficulty to challenge both beginners and seasoned players.


– Mouse or touchscreen to navigate your fish.
– Click or tap to stab enemies.
– Special key combinations for power-ups.

Release Date

– Fish Stab Getting Big was released on January 15, 2023.


– Developed by Oceanic Interactive, a studio known for creating engaging aquatic games.


– Available on major platforms including iOS, Android, and PC.

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