Fit Cats
Fit Cats
Fit Cats

Fit Cats

How to Play

Playing this game is quite simple. You only need to:

– Choose a level to start
– Fit the cats into the designated spaces
– Complete the level by adjusting the cat’s positions

Transition smoothly by following these steps to ensure you master the game quickly.


This game offers a variety of exciting features, such as:

– Multiple challenging levels
– Cute and engaging cat graphics
– User-friendly interface
– Regular updates with new content

In other words, the game combines fun and strategic thinking.


The controls in this game are designed for ease of use. Specifically, players can:

– Drag and drop cats using the mouse on PC
– Tap and move cats on mobile devices

Thus, regardless of the device, the game remains highly accessible.

Release Date

The game was officially released on:

– January 15, 2022

Hence, it’s relatively new and highly up-to-date in terms of graphics and gameplay.


This game was created by:

– Cozy Games Studio

As a result, it boasts the high-quality and attention to detail that Cozy Games Studio is renowned for.


You can enjoy this game on:

– PC
– Mac
– Android devices
– iOS devices

Therefore, the game is highly flexible and can be played across multiple platforms.

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