Five Nights at Christmas

Five Nights at Christmas

How to Play Five Nights at Christmas

To successfully navigate through this festive yet spooky game, follow these basic instructions. First, monitor the security cameras to keep an eye on any unusual activity. Next, manage your power supply efficiently to survive the night. Additionally, use door and light controls to keep yourself safe from any lurking threats.


– Engaging Christmas-themed environments
– Thrilling gameplay with unexpected scares
– Various challenging levels
– Unique characters with festive designs
– Immersive sound effects to elevate the experience


– Mouse for navigating the security cameras and interacting with objects
– Keyboard shortcuts for quick access to doors and lights
– Power management to ensure you have enough energy to last through the night

Release Date

Five Nights at Christmas was released just in time for the holiday season in December 2022.


This unique blend of holiday cheer and horror was developed by Festive Games Studio. They have a reputation for combining beloved holiday themes with thrilling gameplay experiences.


Five Nights at Christmas is accessible on multiple platforms, including:

– PC
– Mac
– Android
– iOS

You can enjoy it on your preferred device, whether at home or on the go.

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