Fox Coin Match

Fox Coin Match

How to Play

  • Begin by launching the game from your preferred platform
  • Select your level of difficulty
  • Match similar coins to clear them from the board
  • Achieve higher scores by matching multiple coins in a row or column
  • Utilize power-ups to gain an edge


  • Vibrant graphics and engaging sound effects
  • Multiple levels with increasing difficulty
  • Various power-ups for enhanced gameplay
  • Track your high scores and achievements
  • User-friendly interface


  • Use your mouse or touch to select and drag coins
  • Keyboard shortcuts for quicker gameplay
  • Options to pause and resume the game

Release Date

  • Initially released in July 2022
  • Regular updates to improve user experience


  • Created by the innovative team at Stellar Games Studio
  • Known for their engaging and interactive online games


  • Available on various web browsers
  • Playable on Android and iOS devices
  • Compatible with both tablets and smartphones

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