Giant Sushi Merge Master Game

Giant Sushi Merge Master Game

How to Play Giant Sushi Merge Master Game

  • Begin by selecting sushi pieces on the screen.
  • Drag and merge identical sushi pieces to create larger and more sophisticated sushi.
  • Continue merging to maximize your sushi tower and achieve higher scores.
  • Pay attention to the limited moves available, strategizing each action carefully.
  • Reach the objective goal before running out of moves to progress to next levels.


  • Colorful and engaging graphics with a sushi theme.
  • Challenging gameplay with strategic merging mechanics.
  • Multiple levels with varying difficulty.
  • Interactive sound effects and background music.
  • Frequent updates with new sushi pieces and game modes.


  • Mouse click to select and drag sushi pieces.
  • Swipe on touch devices to move sushi pieces.
  • Double-tap or click to merge selected sushi pieces.

Release Date

  • Originally launched on March 22, 2023.


  • Created and maintained by Sushi Games Studio.


  • Available on web browsers for both desktop and mobile platforms.
  • Android and iOS versions accessible via respective app stores.

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