Gin Rummy

Gin Rummy

How to Play

Gin Rummy is quite simple once you get the hang of it, and understanding the basics will help you enjoy the game even more. Here’s a brief guide:

– Start with 10 cards each for two players.
– The goal is to form sets and runs from your hand.
– Draw a card from the draw pile or discard pile and then discard one.
– Knock if your deadwood points are 10 or fewer; reveal your sets and runs.
– The game ends when one player reaches 100 points.


This online game comes with several engaging features that enhance the user experience:

– User-friendly interface for seamless gameplay
– Multiplayer mode to compete with friends or other players
– Leaderboards to track your progress
– Customizable avatars to make the game more enjoyable
– Hints and tips to improve your skills


The controls are designed to be intuitive and easy to use:

– Click on the cards to select and move them
– Drag and drop cards to form sets and runs
– Click on the deck to draw a card
– Use on-screen buttons for other actions like knocking or discarding

Release Date

The online version of this classic game was released on multiple platforms on:

– October 10, 2017


This engaging online card game was developed by:

– MobilityWare


You can play this card game on a variety of platforms, making it accessible to everyone:

– Web Browser
– Android
– iOS

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