Goods Sort Master

Goods Sort Master

How to Play Goods Sort Master

  • Begin by selecting the game on your preferred platform.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to start your sorting mission.
  • Drag and drop items into their respective categories.
  • Aim to complete levels efficiently for higher scores.
  • Use hints and power-ups to navigate challenging levels.


  • Engaging and intuitive gameplay mechanics
  • Numerous levels with increasing difficulty
  • Vibrant graphics and pleasing sound effects
  • Addictive puzzle-solving experience
  • Regular updates with new items and categories
  • In-game rewards and achievements to unlock


  • Mouse (PC): Click and drag items to sort them
  • Touch (Mobile/Tablet): Tap and drag items for sorting
  • Keyboard shortcuts: Available in some versions for faster gameplay

Release Date

  • Initially released in August 2021


  • Created by a team of passionate developers at Puzzle Works Studio


  • Available on Android
  • Playable on iOS devices
  • Web-based version for PC and Mac users

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Final Words

Playing online games like Goods Sort Master can improve your cognitive skills and offer hours of entertainment.