Guns and Magic

Guns and Magic

Play Guns and Magic Game Online

Experience the thrill of combining firepower and spellcasting in a seamless gameplay. Consequently, this creates a unique and captivating adventure. Engage in various challenging missions that test your strategic abilities.


  • Spellbinding graphics that immerse you in the game’s world
  • Variety of weapons and magical spells to choose from
  • Multiplayer mode for battling friends or foes online
  • Consistent updates with new content and missions


  • Keyboard and mouse controls for intuitive gameplay
  • Customizable key bindings to suit your play style
  • On-screen tutorials for learning the basics

Release Date

  • Initially released on: March 15, 2022
  • Regular updates and patches to improve gameplay


  • Created by: Enchanted Studios
  • Known for merging action with fantasy elements


  • Available on: PC, Mac, iOS, and Android
  • Cross-platform compatibility for seamless gaming

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